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*SUMMER* Fashion Design FULL WEEK M-F 9am-3pm- 7 weeks to choose from, Ages 10-18


Camps are filling quickly – some weeks are running low! If you do not see your week listed below, please do not panic, call for availability 🙂

*By clicking I agree below I hold “In Stitches” harmless and not liable for any accidents that may occur while myself and/or my child is attending sewing class. I also understand that myself and/or my child will be closely supervised in class.

Camps are filling quickly – some weeks are running low! If you do not see your week listed below, please do not panic, call for availability !

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A Full-time week!! This camp is perfect for ages 10-18. no experience necessary.

6 hours is a long day to just sew, even for us, BUT last summer this was our most popular camp and we stayed busy all day every day!! Below is a breakdown of the week and we promise you will have the best week!

Here is what a full week will look like whether you are a beginner or not-

Day one you will be getting assigned a sewing machine that you will sew on all week. You will be getting a full lesson on it, how to thread and safety. After this, you will begin on a small project to get comfortable on your machine. Once we are comfortable on the machine we will jump into our plans for the week, what our goals are to learn & create, and we will make an inspiration board and even sketch out a few items of clothing. Once we have our plans for our busy week, LET THE FUN BEGIN!! Whether you design something from scratch or you make a board on Pinterest, we will bring it to life!

Day one is all about sewing! Each sewing project length really depends on the depth of the project and how we make it, such as pattern vs no pattern. We always try to choose the most time efficient way to complete the project.

Day two, three & Four we will be continuing our projects and starting new ones as we finish! We will be working off of our inspiration boards but also pushing to do harder projects as we learn. We will teach necessary skills along the way such as zipper applications, reading patterns, button and buttonholes, hand sewing and SEW much more! with any downtime we will offer draping and other very useful sewing and designing skills.

Day Five we will be doing up-cycling and finishing off the week with lots of fun! We will be turning something old into something new! You will have the option to continue to sew rather than up-cycling. Then we will have a live fashion show on FB to show off something we made.

Thursday and Friday we have themed camp days! This is a separate camp; we will offer your child to join in those themes if they would like. Some themes, such as Crocheting, will have a cost difference which we will discuss at the beginning of each week. If your child is interested, we can discuss ways to pay for the theme. We will NEVER charge you or assume it is ok for your child to join without a conversation first. 

What is included in this camp-

  1. All materials, patterns, zippers, buttons. Anything we need for all of your projects.
  2. A brand-new sketch book to take home along with step-by-step directions for sketching.
  3. You will have access to all of our sewing machines and tools for the week to borrow.
  4. You will also have the option to join our themed Thursday and Fridays. Prices vary for each theme so if you would like to add that week’s theme to your child’s week, you can do that the week of for the additional price.

*Please bring a nut free snack and or money for an optional walk to Dunkin Donuts.

*NOTE- Due to a very busy and hectic summer schedule, no refunds or make-ups will be offered for missed classes. You may reschedule to another week with 10 days notice but availability is not guaranteed.

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