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Teen/Design Team *SPRING 4/1-6/21


*By clicking I agree below I hold “In Stitches” harmless and not liable for any accidents that may occur while myself and/or my child is attending sewing class. I also understand that myself and/or my child will be closely supervised in class.

If you have been enrolled with us in the last 6 months in our spring or summer season classes, your registration fee is waived. If you have not been enrolled with us in the last 6 months in our spring or summer season classes, please pay the $25 registration fee. **Excludes workshops. Please be honest, we don’t like to chase customers for $25 dollars :)

Makeup class fee is NEW! Over the years makeup classes have become nearly impossible with over 100 students each season. This is a way for us to keep track and allow flexibility (which we all need more of as parents).
Here’s how it works-if you choose to enroll in our makeup classes, for the fall season you will be granted 3 makeup classes. If you do not use them, don’t worry, you can roll them over into winter and spring season during the 2023/24 school year. If you do not use them at all, they are non-refundable and cannot be credited toward future classes. The makeup class fee is not extra classes, this if for the students who frequently miss or know you will be missing upcoming classes. You must miss your scheduled class to use one.
Why is there a fee? It costs us money for every missed class and makeup class with employment alone. By paying a small fee for 3 makeup classes, it helps us be a little more flexible for you! Your makeup class will be scheduled with Deanna over texting or emails. 617-770-1267 or [email protected]
PLEASE NOTE: We must be notified when you will be missing class via text, call or email.


We are SEW excited to dedicate an entire class to our teen girls and boys. This class is best suited for ages 11-18! This class runs every Wednesday’s from 6:30-8:30pm OR Friday’s 4:30-6:30. We do suggest having some sewing experience to start this class as it will be intense at times but if your teen is up for a challenge, we can teach them from the beginning.

SPRING SESSION Teens will receive 11 hours of class time *Closed for workshops APRIL VACATION


CLASS DESCRIPTION- This class will teach your teen to be an independent sewer. Learning everything they need to know to sew on their own at home! Patterns, designing, draping, sketching, creativity, all of this will be introduced in this class and your child will be prepared to sew almost anything! This class will have 1 class a month dedicated to lessons such as sewing different zippers, buttonholes, sketching draping, measuring and so much more!

Fabric-We highly encourage our teens to provide their own fabric as this will teach them how to correctly purchase fabric at a fabric store but for your convenience 2 yards of fabric is included each month and any lessons that involve fabric will also be included.

  • Membership includes-12 classes/sewing instruction during designated class time & day, 2 yards of fabric each month and any fabric or materials needed for challenges or lessons will also be included, All machinery and tools to borrow during class.
  • Membership does not guarantee-specific zippers, stuffing & other specific fabrics or notions.
  • In Stitches teen sewing class prices are based on a 9 month term which is billed seasonally, Oct.- mid June. You will receive a printed class schedule during your first class which includes all scheduled days off.
  • No refunds or discounts will be given for missed classes, and NO MAKEUP CLASSES unless we cancel for any reason or your chosen class falls on a holiday and it is worked into our schedule. Details will be given on printed schedule. *NEW* we will now be offering a makeup class fee. If you choose it at check out you will be granted 3 makeup classes in the season. If you do not use all 3 you can roll them over to winter or spring season in 2023/24 school year. * PLEASE NOTE: You must miss your scheduled class to use it, it is not extra classes, if classes are not used, fee is nonrefundable.
  • scheduled makeups will be made up by appointment only.  Never drop off your child outside their weekly class time without prior approval! There will be designated times when makeups will be allowed.
  • Call (617) 770-1267 or check our social media pages for closings due to weather. Classes cancelled due to weather will be made up.
  • Class space is limited and can only be reserved with pre-payment. If you do not see your preferred class below you can call for availability.
  • We will send out e-mail statements one month prior to the following season. If we do not receive payment and have not heard that your child will not be returning, your child will be taken off the schedule for the following season. In Stitches accepts secure online payments through our website under PAY TUITION, Venmo, or in store payments of cash or check.
  • We really appreciate when we are notified if your child is not returning to the following season.

You can sign up for class at any time, WE PRORATE TUITION. Call for more details if you do not see the prorated price below. CALL FOR AVAILIBILTY AND DETAILS ABOUT PRORATED TUITION!! If you pay a Prorated tuition (at checkout) it will say the start date.

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