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*NEW* Child/Teen-Pay by the class SPRING


*By clicking I agree below I hold “In Stitches” harmless and not liable for any accidents that may occur while myself and/or my child is attending sewing class. I also understand that myself and/or my child will be closely supervised in class.



A new option for the student that wants to get started sewing, needs some studio space or may just need a little help on an existing project! We Are so excited to be offering even more flexibility in our studio.

This option DOES NOT include fabric. You will be required to provide your own fabric & project in mind for the class. They are able to make whatever they want that fits their skill level. We cannot guarantee that your child will finish the project intended in only an hour and a half. This is based on skill level, project choice, time, fabric choice. Classes for this option is sold in 1.5 hour blocks as it will take us a little time to get started and go over your project and machine safety. Below is listed some 1.5 hour projects if you need a few ideas.

Class blocks-

Tuesday-3:30-5 OR 5-6:30


Friday-3:30-5 OR 5-6:30

1.5 hour project ideas-

*accessories such as messenger bags, scrunchies, headbands

*clothes such as shirt, pj shorts, (if they have experience, Pj pants)

*Fun stuff such as pillows, or teddy bear.

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